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Ever wonder how to implement your idea? Felt too lost without a direction how to get your product designed? Ever wanted a place outside your college/work-space to sit and work on your idea?

The Engineer Store is your answer to these recurring questions. We provide you the space to come, work and turn your idea into reality. Finally, a place to give your dreams a rigid shape. All your passions, looked down upon have a place to go to now. Don’t lose hope, don’t run behind permissions just reach out and we will be available to be the answer to all your needs. 24/7.

We provide all the equipment, workspace and technical know-how to help make your idea into a working Prototype. Projects, Hobbies, Robotics, everything that needs engineering can finally be done. Submit your idea and we will Prototype it for you. Have a part of a project that you need help with consult us. All services will be rendered by excellent professionals as to your requirement.

Top of the range Equipment from top manufacturers are available with us. Cutting edge lab equipment to help you better your design. No need to run around all around the city to get your products procured. Everything that you need to order will be available with us. Visit the store or order online and the products will be delivered to you. Have a part of the current project you need help with? Just tell us the part and requirements of the design and we will do it for you.

Look no further, The Engineer Store is the answer to all your worries.


Happy Engineering. 


Contact us:

#19, 'Mobas Towers',

Bull Temple Road, Basvanagudi,

Bangalore - 560004.


Ph. No. : +919972374520/+917411510051

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