ReSpeaker Mic Array - Far-field w/ 7 PDM Microphones

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Dear Friends,

We are sincerely sorry to inform you that the shipment of ReSpeakers is delayed again, to the middle of February 2017. During our last round of Quality Test in December 2016, we found some of the LED components on the PCBs have been subjected to damp. Consequently, in order to ensure the quality of the product, all theReSpeaker Cores and ReSpeaker Mic Arrays were sent back to rework. Now the ReSpeakers are available and going to be shipped, our Spring Festival is coming, the whole nation will be on vacation. The holiday of Seeed will last from January 21st to February 5th.

Once again, we are sorry for the delay and any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

ReSpeaker Team



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