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Electronic Circuit Board

Through a unique extrusion drawing process, we offer exceptional quality and performance in a variety of high-pb solder wires specially for ultra fine (0.20mm) wire. The surface of wires are extremely shiny, free of organic contamination and oxides. The flux-content wires has been developed to fullfit the highest requirements and guarantee a consistent bondline thickness and very low void rate.


Components Inside of Mobile Phone

In the big data era, the fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication network brings out innovative assembly technologies. The telecom industry represent the cutting-edge technological applications, because of the fine size and complexity, It relies heavily electrical reliability and high mechanical performance solder materials, as well as, new electrical assembly solutions support.

For grasping the latest trend, Dyfenco has expanded high-performance assembly materials to cope with the challenges of high electrical reliability, fine (extra fine) feature, high thermal and electrical conductivity, good process yield rate and enable to gain better assembly resulting.

IT and Telecomunications

Hanging Lamps

The LCD assembly is one of the fastest changing, customer expectations for reliability are high for several applications such as Automotive and Outdoor lighting, requiring better lumen maintenance over an extended period.

Dyfenco has made significant investment in Research and Development of LED lighting technologies related to LED assembly solutions, heating and structural (reliability) analysis, all of which contribute to our ability to deliver what customers want. Dyfenco continuous to provide high-thermal, high-reliability soldering material which are ideally suited for high reliability LED’s applications.

LED Lightings

Electric Car Battery Charging

In the automotive industry, solder material must meet extremely high requirements, as a Tier 1 suppliers, Dyfenco has developed a series of high-reliability product, especially under extreme-temperature thermal cycling and high-temperature operation for automotive electronics applications purpose.

To create automotive businesses and achieve higher consistency quality guarantee, the activities of Dyfenco, MORE Laboratory are focused on: new automotive technologies, PCBA reliability analysis, finding solutions that meet and anticipate market demands.