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List of Informative Policies and Definitions

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Placing an Order

Getting your order placed is fast and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Add the items you want to your cart. Make sure quantities are correct.

  2. Click "Secure Checkout" from the cart page.

  3. If you're not already logged in, log into your account, create a new account, or just choose "Continue as Guest."

  4. Verify the correct address is selected. If not, select the correct one or make a new one.

  5. Select a shipping method.

  6. Select a payment method.

  7. If applicable, enter a promotional code or purchase order number in the appropriate field.

  8. Make sure you've reviewed the Terms of Service and Shipping Policy.

  9. Click "Continue."

  10. On the next page, verify that all information is correct. If no, click "Edit Order". If yes, click "Place Order."

  11. Your order has been placed when you see your 7-digit order number.

That's it! We'll take it from there.

Placing your order through our website is the most efficient way to get your stuff. If you are unable to use the website, we can also take your order over the phone.

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Purchase Orders & Payment Terms

We offer Net30 terms to approved customers. We do not offer any other terms. To apply, download and complete the Net 30 Request Form and email it to

**Please be aware that it can take up to 2 business days for Net 30 terms requests to be reviewed. You will be contacted via email if any additional information is needed and confirmation of your approval or denial of terms. **

For approved Net30 customers: SparkFun offers two Purchase Order processing options, and customers are able to switch between the two. Our Same-Day Shipping guarantee does not apply to Purchase Orders. If you are not approved for terms when your PO is received the processing time provided below does not apply until you are approved.

Fast Track Processing:

  • Place an order via our website that corresponds to your PO, and email or fax us a copy of that PO referencing the SparkFun Order Number.

  • Please be sure to enter your Purchase Order Number in the appropriate field during checkout.

  • POs received via this method will be processed within 1 business day from the time of receipt.

Traditional Track Processing:

  • Email or fax us a copy of the PO. Please include the account number or email address where this order needs to be processed.

  • If any items are out of stock, we will provide this information and the approximate lead time.

  • POs received via this method will be processed within 1 to 3 business days from the time of receipt.

Submit your Purchase Order document (and your SparkFun Order Number if applicable):

Please make sure that a contact name and email or phone number is listed on the Purchase Order.

Minimum Order Quantity

There are no minimum orders! If you are willing to fork over shipping costs.

Purchase orders
Minimum Order Quantity

Order Status Information

Once you place your order, it will pass through a series of statuses during fulfillment.

Normal Statuses

  1. New Order - This indicates we've received your order.

  2. Picking - Your order has been printed, and we're in the process of pulling your parts from the shelves. No changes to your order are possible once it is in this status or further.

  3. Packing - All stock has been pulled for your order. It is now waiting to be packed up. No changes to your order are possible once it is in this status or further.

  4. Shipped - Your order has been completely packaged and moved to the shipping dock. It's ready to go! You should receive an email that your stuff is on the way to you (with a tracking number if your shipping method is tracked). Note: Please keep in mind that once your order is in the "Shipped" status we cannot make any changes to it.

Other Statuses You May Encounter

  • Exception - This indicates your order needs human interaction before it can be released for shipment. This is often the case with lithium batteries, export control issues, and orders you have requested be paused for changes. Orders in Exception status usually get cleared quickly. We will contact you if we need additional information.

  • PayPal Waiting For Payment - Either we're waiting for your PayPal echeck to clear (it takes a few days), or we've sent you a payment request (watch your email for a notification from PayPal.) Either way, once PayPal confirms payment, we'll release your order for shipment.

  • Partner Processing / Partner Submitted - Your order has been sent to our third party fulfillment center. When your order is in one of these statuses you can no longer make changes to this order.

  • Ready For Pickup - This applies to Local Pickup orders only. It means your order is at our front desk waiting for you to come pick it up.

  • Other - There are a few other order statuses, but they don't apply to the vast majority of orders. If you have any questions, please email us and we'll explain the state of your order.

Changing or Canceling An Order

Need change something about your order or just want it canceled? Pause your order until we can fix it for you. Please note: Guest accounts can not pause their order. To pause your order:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Click "My Account" in the upper right.

  3. Click "Order History."

  4. Click the red "Need to change something?" button on the line of the order you're looking for (it's next to the Order ID).

  5. Enter a brief note letting us know what you'd like to do.

  6. Click "Pause Order."

We'll take it from there. You can ask us to change the items on your order, update an address or payment method, or just cancel it. Customer Support will get back to you by email within one business day regarding your request.

  • If you ask us to add items but don't mention payment, we will just submit the charge to the original card/account.

  • Only orders that are still in New Order can be paused. If your order has already moved to a different status, you won't be able to pause it. If you pause your order, it will no longer necessarily qualify for our Same-Day Shipping guarantee.

Order status info
Normal Statues
Other statues
Changing And canceling order

Pre-Orders and Backorders


Pre-orders are items that have never been in stock, but will be soon. There are different reasons for items being pre-ordered. Sometimes we like to gauge public interest in specific products before we order from our suppliers. In other instances we would like to know how many items we should build in-house before releasing a SparkFun Original product. Pre-ordering is beneficial for guaranteeing your place in the order queue, and stock will be set aside for you.

Please note: Once you have completed the checkout process with a pre-ordered item you will be charged immediately and your item will ship as soon as it is in stock. Since pre-ordered will ship at a later date they will require separate shipping charges from in-stock items within the same order.


Not all products can be backordered when they go out of stock. If an out of stock item can be backordered it will clearly display a "Backorder" button, otherwise it cannot be backordered by any means.

In spite of the ongoing and complex supply chain difficulties that have been disrupting the consumer market we allow many products to be back-ordered. Please keep in mind that backorderable products are subject to price changes at any time and we are unable to guarantee time frame for shipping or availability.

There are two types of backorders: Intentional and Accidental.

Intentional Backorders

This is when you, the customer, add an out-of-stock item to your cart by clicking the "Backorder" button. We do not charge for intentionally backordered items until they are ready for shipment.

If your cart contains only backordered items, there will be no charge submitted at checkout. When everything is in stock and the order is ready to be shipped, a charge will be submitted via the payment method you selected at checkout.

If you have some in-stock and some backordered items, you will see a checkbox on the shopping cart page that says "Ship Complete Order". If you check this box, no charge will be submitted at checkout, and we will hold all in-stock items for you while we wait for the backordered ones to arrive. Once all your items are in stock, the full charge will be submitted and the order shipped.

If you do not check this box, we will charge for all in-stock items and the initial shipping/handling upon submission of the order. Once your backordered items are available, we will charge for the products, and a second shipping/handling fee if applicable. You will receive notification of 2 separate orders: one for the in-stock items and one for the backordered items.

Please Note: If you choose to have in-stock items ship now and backordered items later, a shipping charge may apply to each shipment.

Accidental Backorders

This is when our website indicated that there was stock available for your order, but we were actually out. D'oh!

We work very hard to keep our stock numbers accurate. This type of backorder is rare, but there are a variety of issues that can lead to inaccuracies. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will ship all in-stock items right away, with the backordered items shipping as soon as they are available. They will ship via the same shipping method you selected during checkout. You will not be charged additional shipping. A second order number will be generated to accommodate the accidentally backordered items.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are sent from Gifter to Giftee by email. We do not send out a physical certificate. In order to send a Gift Certificate that you have purchased, please follow the "Send Gift Certificate" link from the My Account screen.

Read more about gift certificates as well as purchase them here.

Gift Cirtificates

Shipping Policy

We ship in-stock orders as soon as possible. This is often the day you placed it or the day after, but there are many situations where it will take longer. Please see the Same-Day Shipping section for details.

You will be sent at least 2 emails for each order you place:

  • The Order Confirmation verifies that your order is in our system. Please review the email to make sure all the information is correct. Pause your order if something’s wrong.

  • The Ship Notification is to let you know that your order is ready to go. It will be picked up by the shipping company the next time they come by our building.

Shipping Policies


You can pay using any of the options listed below. Only INDIA is available. C.O.D. orders are not accepted. 

Credit Card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted.

We can only issue refunds for up to 30 days after the charge was made. We'll have to repay with shop credit or another manner after that period has passed.

We may need to postpone your order for additional verification to help prevent payment fraud. If this applies to you, we will contact you.

We can only accept credit cards through our secure checkout page for security reasons. Over the phone, we no longer take credit card payments. Please contact Customer Support if you require assistance, and we will email you a secure link to complete payment. 

Offline Payment

Use this option to get your order in the system now and handle payment later. It's also useful if you need a quote to get a purchase approved. Place the order with this option and use the resulting invoice as the quote. Then the order is sitting right here waiting for you once payment is available.

If you no longer need the order as placed, please contact so we can cancel it.

This option is not available for guest checkout.

Warranty Information

We strive to provide accurate descriptions and high quality merchandise. If you have any problems with your order, please let us know as soon as possible! We will do everything in our power to make it right. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

Contact Us

The bulk of our employees is working remotely and unable to receive phone calls at this time in order to keep our staff safe and comply with CDC safety and staffing rules. If you have any questions, please use the webform above or contact our Technical Support team via the live forums. 

Code of Conduct

We are quite proud of the fact that The Engineer Store community is known for its innovation, experimentation, curiosity, and openness. We are committed as a company to providing a nice, safe, and welcoming environment for all visitors to our website, digital spaces, and workers, and we expect everyone to treat one another with respect and civility. The following code of conduct applies to all visitors to The Engineer Store's website, digital spaces, and/or interactions with


The Engineer Store staff:

  • Treat others with respect and decency.

  • Avoid degrading or discriminating language and behaviour, as well as other inappropriate acts.

  • If you witness any inappropriate communications on our channels, website, or events, please notify The Engineer Store.


This Code of Conduct will not be tolerated if it is broken. If someone is acting in an inappropriate manner,* staff may take any action they see fit, including refusing business, removing comments, or disabling accounts - all without warning, if necessary.

We cherish anyone who interact with us in any way; if you witness or directly experience unacceptable behaviour, please contact us immediately.

*Inappropriately aggressive behaviours include, but are not limited to, offensive comments, insults, jokes, or ridicule; gratuitous or off-topic sexual images or behaviour in spaces where they are not allowed; threats of violence or deliberate intimidation; creating additional online accounts in order to harass another person or circumvent a ban; harassment of any kind.

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