MQ-5 Gas Sensor Module

MQ-5 Gas Sensor Module

SKU: TES00187

MQ-5 Gas Sensor Module

This MQ-5 Methane LPG Liquid Propane Gas Sensor Module is widely used in gas leakage detecting pieces of equipment in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of LPG, natural gas, town gas, avoid the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smoke

The MQ5 gas sensor is used in gas leakage detecting equipment in consumer and industry applications, this sensor is suitable for detecting LPG, natural gas, coal gas. Avoid the noise of alcohol, cooking fumes, and cigarette smoke. The sensitivity can be adjusted by the potentiometer.

MQ5 Gas Sensor Pin Connection:

  • VCC ↔ 2.5V ~ 5.0V
  • GND ↔ ground
  • Aout ↔ MCU.IO (analog output)
  • Dout ↔ MCU.IO (digital output) 

Package Inludes:

  • 1 x MQ5 Gas Sensor Module

Gas Sensor Specifications

Gas Sensor Model  MQ5
Operating Voltage  5V (DC)
Operating Temperature -20 to 40 (°C)
Dimensions  3.2 x 2 x 2.2cms 
Weight  5 grams