RFID Reader Serial

Proximity RFID Reader Module has an inbuilt antenna in minimized form factor. designed to work on the industry standard carrier frequency of 125 kHz. Sensitivity Range is about 6cm from antenna.Internal antenna on the PCB Buzzer to detect the proximity cards. Blue LED blinking to show that the RFID reader is powered on.Direct TTL output that can be directly coupled with most of the microcontrollers without max232.

Operates at 5v with 500ma of current. Microcontroller to decode the data into Serial o/p. Rs232 to convert signal into TTL to RS232 (optional). The LF module is best suited for applications in Access Control,Time and Attendance, Asset Management, Handheld Readers,Immobilizers, and other RFID enabled applications.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x RFID Reader Serial


Operating voltage 5V DC
Frequency 125 KHz
Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3cms 
Weight 15 grams


SKU: TES00210