Package List:

  • 1x EB UNO R3 Board, 1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Holder, 1x Servo, 1x DC Motor, 1x L293D Motor Driver, 1x Relay, 1x LCD1602, 1x 7-Segment Display, 1x Active Buzzer, 2x Analog Temperature Sensor(Thermistor), 2x Light Sensor(Photoresistor), 1x Tilt Switch, 2x Switch, 1x RGB LED, 10x Red LED, 4x Green LED, 4x Yellow LED, 4x Blue LED, 16x Resistor(220O), 10x Resistor(1kO), 5x Resistor(10kO), 5x Capacitor(104), 2x Capacitor(10uF), 4x Button(large), 5x Button(small) , 1x Button Cap(red), 1x Button Cap(white), 2x Button Cap(blue), 2x NPN Transistor(8050), 2x PNP Transistor(8550), 1x Potentiometer(10KO), 2x 1N4148 Diode, 2x 1N4001 Diode, 1x Breadboard, 1x USB Cable, 1x Battery Holder, 40x Male to Male Jumper Wires, 20x Male to Female Jumper Wires, 1x Header(40pin), 1x Band Resistor Card, 1x Project Box.

  • Lessons:
  • About Uno, About Processing, Lesson 1- Blinking LED, Lesson 2- Controlling an LED with a button, Lesson 3- LED Flowing Lights, Lesson 4- Tilt Switch, Lesson 5- Breathing LED, Lesson 6- Active Buzzer, Lesson 7- Controlling Relay, Lesson 8- Controlling a RGB LED by PWM, Lesson 9- 7-segment display, Lesson 10- Serial Port, Lesson 11- LCD1602, Lesson 12- Photoresistor, Lesson 13- Using a thermistor to measure the temperature, Lesson 14- DC motor, Lesson 15- Controlling Servo motor, Lesson 16- ultrasonic distance sensor, Lesson 17- Control a servo with ultrasonic distance sensor, Lesson 18- Move a cat, Lesson 19- Control the brightness of the photo with the photoresistor, Lesson 20- The Brick Games.

Uno starter kit

SKU: TES00134